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Studio Policy & Term Dates

Piano Lessons
All lessons are individual and private starting with 30 minutes and up to 60 minutes in most cases.  Longer lessons may be available depending on the skill level or if there have been any special requirements.  Parents/guardians who would like to accompany the student during the lessons are welcome to do so as I strongly encourage parents/guardians to be active in their child’s musical experience.  However other guests are not accepted in the studio.

Cancellation/Make up
Students/parents must notify the studio for lesson that will be cancelled,  but this notice does not exempt the student from payment for the lesson slot.
If  the teacher  is absent, a make-up will be scheduled at a mutually convenient time, or your account will be credited.
It is acceptable if students wish to exchange lesson times with each other after notifying the teacher. It is the student's and/or parents responsibility to make the changes.

Student Recitals
I organize at least one recital a year for all my students.  In the past 4 years we have had our recitals prior to the Christmas holidays which is opened to the families, friends and the public.
Recitals are superb opportunities for the students to share their music with others and provide students the motivation to excel in their learning.

Tuition is paid by the school term and is non-refundable and non-negotiable. Payment is due by the first lesson of each school term by either cash, cheque or bank transfer. When student enrols in this studio, the student is reserving weekly lesson time for the term.
Parents/students are responsible for acquiring books, sheet music and other learning materials when required, or for paying for purchases made by the studio on the student’s behalf.  Other fees that may be incurred include exam fees, masterclass fees etc.

Requirement & Expectation
Students are expected to practice at home daily which is vital to their progress.  The tutor will discuss with the students/parents the appropriate amount of practice time based on their age and/or skill level.  Parents of young children are expected to be closely involved to monitor and encourage students in their learning experience.  
Students are also expected to be on time for the lessons.
Parents who accompany students in class are required to turn off their mobile phone or other electronic devices.  The lessons are commitment on the parts of both the students and the parents so your attitude towards the lesson is important in motivating the child's learning.


All students are required to have access to an acoustic piano as regular practice is vital to their development.  Keyboards or electric pianos are only acceptable substitutes for the very beginners.  As the students acquired a reasonable skill level an acoustic piano is indispensible.
A proper bench, ideally an adjustable one that allows the student to play in a comfortable position at the piano is required for development of proper technique as well as preventing injuries to arms, shoulders, fingers and the back.  Younger students may require foot stool for proper leg support.
In addition, since rhythm is a very important aspect of music, a metronome is also required.
Make sure the student at home is provided with a quiet and distraction free environment conducive to regular practices.

Term dates and public holidays 2020:

Term 1: Mon 3rd February to Thu 9th April (10 weeks)
Term 1's Holidays: Fri 10th April - Sun 26th April (2 weeks)
Waitangi Day: No classes on Wed 6th Feb.
Good Friday: No classes on Fri 10th April

Term 2: Tue 28th April to Sun 5th July (10 weeks)  
Term 2's Holidays: Mon 6th July - Sun 19th July (2 weeks)
Anzac Day: No classes on 27th April
Queen's Birthday: No classes from Sat 30th May to Mon 1st June (3 days)

Term 3: Mon 20th July to Sun 27th September (10 weeks)
Term 3's Holidays: Mon 28th Sep - Sun 11th October (2 weeks)

Term 4: Mon 12th October to Sun 13th December (9 Weeks)
Summer holidays: Mon 14th December - Sun 31st January 2021 (7 weeks)
Labour Weekend: No classes from Sat 24th Oct to Mon 26th Oct (3 days)

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